Magnetic Pulse Welding systems are well suited to high volume production. A single system can easily weld one million parts a year in two shifts. The systems require low maintenance and can weld different parts with a short setup time.

The conductive workpiece is placed inside or next to a coil which accelerates it over 1mm to impact the second workpiece at extremely high speed. The acceleration is a result of repelling magnetic fields between the workpiece and the coil, produced by the eddy current in the workpiece.

Solid-state cold weld is created when two metals are forced together in such intensity their atoms start sharing electrons, practically fusing the two metals together. Since there is no heat or melting involved, dissimilar metals can be welded using this technique.

Magnetic Pulse Welding triggers this phenomenon by accelerating the metal into visco-plastic phase and impacts the other workpiece at an exact speed and angel

Magnetic Pulse Welding Advantages:

  • High-Speed welding – less than 100 µS
  • Production rate higher than any other conventional
  • Joining process, negligible process failures
  • Cuts Manufacturing and Component Costs
  • Cold weld – No Heat, No Fumes, No degradation of mechanical properties
  • Welds dissimilar metals and non-weldable materials such as Al7075
  • Welding experience of up to 120mm in circular tubes diameter and up to 350mm circumference with other shapes
  • Weld joint is stronger than the weaker base metal
  • No filler material or shielding gases
  • Safe, green, and clean process


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