Cable Lug Joining

Mechanical Crimping Process is the inconsistency in engaging the strands in the lug. Very often the lug does not contact all of the strands disposed about the entire 360 degrees of the lug joint.

Generally, it is observed that there is the better engagement of the strands at the center of the crimped areas of the lug, which are located 360 degrees apart. As result, the strength of the joint is usually not uniform.

In Magnetic Pulse Crimping, Maximum compression with almost no voids between wires achieved, and excellent conductivity achieved between cable and lug. Higher-strength than mechanical crimping and Smooth 360 degrees crimp.


  • Electrical cable and tube connections
  • Stranded wires 
  • Crimped joints
  • Power cables 
  • Terminals
  • Cable lugs
  • High current cables 
  • HV cables
  • HV fuse end pieces 
  • Cable connectors
  • End connectors on cables
  • EMI proof electrical connectors
  • Electrical fuses Components of electrical motors
  • Cable ducts 
  • Motor stators
  • slip rings
  • Aluminium/Copper cable connectors crimping 
  • Welding of connectors to copper cables
  • HV fuse end pieces
  • Assembling coaxial cable termination joints etc…

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